In Docker

NOTE: the docker container version of contractor does not include an instance of subcontractor, nor is it fully configured for supplying static files for some types of deployments. This is really intended for developing/testing against the API and/or previewing contractor. The best way to deploy contractor for regular workloads is via the debian packaging. There is a PPA at:

Running the Docker Container

First pull down the container:

docker pull t3kton/contractor:latest

And start it up:

docker start -p80:80 --name contractor t3kton/contractor

The pre-built container only has the iputils and manual plugins loaded. If you would like to enable other plugins, the packages for the amt, ipmi, azure, docker, ipmi, vcenter, and virtualbox are in the container. If you would like to enable one or more of these plugins (this example is for ipmi) replace the “ipmi” with the plugin you want to enable:

docker exec -it contractor /bin/bash
respkg -i contractor-plugins-ipmi_*.respkg
apachectl restart

Building the Container