VirtualBox Setup

You will first need to shutdown the contractor VM.

Bring up the VirtualBox Manager, under File select Host Network Manager. Click Create. Select the newly created network and click the Propterties button. Change the Ipv4 Address to Make sure the DHCP Server is disabled. Take note of the name, if it is the only network there it will be named vboxnet0. Now close the Host Network Manager.

Now select the VM that has contractor in it, and click the Settings button. Select Network, then Adapter 2. Select Enable Network Adapter, by the Attached To select Host-only Adapter and by Name pick the name of the network just created in Host Network Manager. Click ‘Ok’.

Power the VM back up.

configure the new interface with the ip address

In the /etc/subcontractor.conf file under the dhcpd section, set the listen_interface to the name of the newly created interface.

Normally vboxwebservice will expect the username and password of the user you are using to run virtualbox. If you want to disable auth so you do not need to put your password in the virtualbox config, run this:

vboxmanage setproperty websrvauthlibrary null


vboxmanage.exe setproperty websrvauthlibrary null

Now we need to start the VirtualBox Web Service so subcontractor can talk to it. If you specified an Ipv4 address other than when setting up the Host Network you update this command to refelect that change. On the machine you are running virtualbox run (if you are using linux):

vboxwebsrv -H


vboxwebsrv.exe -H

Now you will need to install python3-zeep:

sudo apt install -y python3-zeep

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